Online Backup

Back-ups are becoming increasingly important for small business and home users as more important data is stored on computers. This system provides a convenient, safe and reliable way to back-up this important data. This will also prevent you from losing your files should the unthinkable happen like for example if your house/office gets burgled or there is a fire, etc…

We run a Remote Online Backup System to backup your files with you current broadband, SDSL or Leased line connection. There is no need for CDs or DVDs or extra hard drives and your files are backed-up offsite safely, securely and remotely.

The system is very easy to use and once setup is fully automated. Just select the files or programs you wish to back-up from a list, the frequency of the back-ups (daily, weekly, etc…) and the client software will do the rest.

The data is sent encrypted (the system uses 256-bit encryption key to encrypt and decrypt data or files) using your existing broadband connection to our secure server. Once installed, it can be administered using the client software or an Internet browser. Clients are available for most operating system including Windows 98, 2000, XP, Windows 7,Windows 10, Mac OS, Linux, etc… The system will perform the back-up at the time/date specified and will confirm its success or failure with an email. Details of the service are as follows:- Service Data Transfer Cost/month (inc VAT)

  • Silver: up to 10Gb £12.99/month
  • Gold: up to 20Gb £23.99/month
  • Platinum: up to 30Gb £35.99/month

We also offer premium business solutions to backup servers/exchange, etc… Please contact us for further details.

You will need to read and print our Service Level Agreement and Data Protection (click here).

Please sign and return to us via email, fax (08456 773 008) or post, before the service can commence.